Main road entering Mompiche in front of the police / Calle principal Mompiche frente UPC
Whastapp +593 9 3911 2203 / +593 9 8411 1723 / +593 9 5968 8968 / +593 06 244 8080

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Did you know?  There are very few hotels in Mompiche equipped with air conditioning and hot-water showers as the climate here generally does not warrant it. In an effort to maintain our prices low for our guests and our commitment to minimal environmental impact high, water at The Mudhouse Hostel is left unheated and chemically-untreated and at is provided to you at the natural temperature it leaves the earth with.  Celebrate Earth Day with us here at The Mudhouse everyday!

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The Mudhouse Hostel Mompiche, Ecuador


The Mudhouse Hostel Mompiche, Ecuador


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