Main road entering Mompiche in front of the police / Calle principal Mompiche frente UPC
Whastapp +593 9 3911 2203 / +593 9 8411 1723 / +593 9 5968 8968 / +593 06 244 8080
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Main road entering Mompiche, right-hand side
In front of the UPC (police station)
Mompiche – Esmeraldas – EC

Phones: +593-06-244-8080
Móviles: 0-984-111-723  /  0-939-112-203  / 0-959-688-968   (omit the first zero if calling by Skype)
Skype: mudhousemompiche

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Plan ahead for your trip:  Mompiche is a quaint little village that thankfully still maintains the charm of simplicity.  As you will be able to find speedy internet service here, there is, however, NO ATM for withdrawal of money using international bank cards.  It´s important to bring with you enough cash to cover your stay and in small bills (bills larger than $20 are NOT accepted in Mompiche).  The closest ATMs are located approximately two hours away in the towns of Atacames to the north and Pedernales to the south.  Plan your bus schedule so you will be arriving in Mompiche no later than 6 pm (sunset).  There is very little public transportation into Mompiche after this hour. 

Quito to Mompiche – just two bus rides

Bus #1) Quito to Esmeraldas is approximately 6-7 hours with a cost of around $11.

Bus #2) Esmeraldas to Mompiche is approximately 2 1/2-3 hours and has a cost of around $4.

*Keep in mind that it is difficult to arrive to Mompiche at night.  The last bus direct to Mompiche leaves from the Esmeraldas terminal at 4:30 and at 5:50 a bus direct to Chamanga. (This option requires that you take a 10-minute, $1/person taxi from the “entrada” or highway down to Mompiche).  Buses to Chamanga leave every hour from Esmeraldas, whereas buses direct to Mompiche leave much less frequently during the day.

There are two bus stations in Quito:

-North Terminal
Galo Plaza Lasso (Eloy Alfaro)
Quito, Ecuador
Tel: 02- 2225 262 ext. 31273

-South Terminal
Pumapungo Avenida Condor Nan
Quito, Ecuador
Tel: 02- 2225 262 ext. 31222



Montañita – Pto.Lopez (1 hr, 15 min)

Pto.Lopez – Pto. Viejo (2 hrs)

Pto. Viejo – Pedernales (5 hrs)

Pedernales – Chamanga (1 hr)

Chamanga – “entrada” to Mompiche (30 min)

“entrada” to Mompiche – Mompiche (taxi $1/person, 10 min.)



Canoa – Pedernales (2 hrs)

Pedernales – Chamanga (1 hr)

Chamanga – “entrada” to Mompiche (30 min)

“entrada” to Mompiche – Mompiche (taxi $1/person, 10 min.)


Bus companies serving major routes throughout Ecuador:



Bus companies with service between Esmeraldas / Atacames / Mompiche:

. Pacifico
. Costeñita
. River Tabiazo

  • telephone:

    +593 0939112203
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